The Christmas Season is here…

There is a certain magic most definitely made by the people that want to believe in it.

I am one of those people.

The chill in the air that requires soft sweaters, Driving around all snuggled up and looking at Christmas lights, the togetherness, Hosting parties, Giving gifts, The hot cocoa and games, The extra thoughtfulness shown in wonderful little gifts that tell you that someone took the time to truly think of you, and even all those wonderful holiday goodies that seem to only appear at this time of year… its wonderful.


I’ve been busy this past week with putting up our tree…Love the fresh smell of evergreen in the house.  See the helper to the left!


Followed by writing our Christmas letter.  One of my favorite letters to write of the year as it gives me a time to reflect on the moments that have made an impact on our family.

What says winter more than a home made Christmas Wreath!

Can we take a moment and enjoy this beauty? It was so fun to make…

My Christmas Wreath

Bring on the HOlly, the JOlly, the MistleToe, and all the fun Times…The season is here!