California Coffee Stops…

Went out to see one of my Bestie’s in Temecula, CA and found these two little stops along the way…

I like this area for their wineries and the super cute ‘old town’ main street. You can really spend a nice few days going through the different wineries and their restaurants. The views are pretty, the wine good and if your with a friend…even better.

The town itself has a good selection of restaurants, in the old town as well as scattered out. Also, the landscaping along the different neighborhoods makes for a plethera of pretty walks. I’ll snap a few more pics next time I’m out there and add to this…

My Favorite Coffee Shops Choices:

The Press Espresso

Beautiful little stop totally tucked away randomly in old town Temecula California. I go there any time I’m near! The coffee choice is divine and the quality is soulful…just like I like it! Another plus, the baristas we’ve had are just plain enjoyable.


Great Brunch! Worth the wait. My French toast was custardy yet firm enough, and that little disk you see popping out of it..OMG, delicious. Also, Let me just say, Isn’t is great when there is more than just crayons to play with! These little wax bendy sticks kept us all amused!! Love the menu and the fresh ingredients used.

Can’t wait to go back and try a few more…



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