Paris Life

With our new life has come several new ideas, both in the fine arts as well as the writing aspect… looking forward to sharing with you in the near future.

The studio has changed with our move, but I think for the better!  The light that spills in during the day is wonderful and the view out to the garden is enchanting. At the moment I’m taking 5 days of language classes a week… so not as much art going on as I’d like… but lots of thinking and absorbing…

view from my morning commute


  1. amyborel

    Hi, Calie! Glad to see you on this side of the world! I’ll be interested in following your work. If you or your family ever want to get out into the country for a while, come see us in Belfort. Bisous


  2. Dahmane

    Wonderful message.
    I hope you will find your inspiration in this beautiful city that Paris is.


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