Shopping and Comfort Food west of Paris…

I may like the city but I can breath in the country. My whole mood changes. As the trees and hills and natural landscapes start to appear around me, I soften and relax. Ironically, I get to have just this experience when heading from the city to Plaiser. This area boasts a shopping area that seems to have been ‘cut and paste’ straight from America. Honestly, I think somebody had a great idea in its planning… There are electronic stores, furniture stores, 2 large athletic stores, a Lowes style store (Castorama), an Ikea, a HUGE grocery store and many many more things. There is even an outlet mall if you’re interested in a deal.

My favorite part though, the drive…. Its peaceful. Even when your kids are asking you the millionth question…it just kinda melts away (or maybe I stop listening). After our shopping trip… A Chain restaurant, but a Favorite still…

Leon Brussells. Its Good and comforting, and Can be healthy… but why? That goat cheese salad is Amazing! And dessert…just look below.

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