Indiana top coffee and food picks

Was in this state for two weeks this spring and hit a lot of amazing coffee shops and restaurants… Here are a few of my favorites.

Not pictured, sadly, is FEAST in Bloomington, and LaSalle Grille in South Bend. Black Market in Indianapolis

Henry’s Social Club has brought another angle to the Columbus, Indiana restaurant scene. An angle I appreciate. I like the spirit and passion behind their Chef. That rack of lamb was amazing…

Traders Point Creamery. My GPS tells me its in Zionsville, but I’m still not sure. All I know is, I love the fact that you can come here and see the vegetables in the garden that you’re going to eat. The cows that you are going to have cheese, milk or ice cream from are there in the pasture and there is a lovely walk that takes about an hour through pastures and the river to just pass the afternoon.

Its a pleasant place to spend some time. The menu is thoughtful and flavorful and a pleasure to revisit as it changes regularly. I’m not quite sure how I didn’t manage to get pictures of my food… but Instagram stock them and you’ll see what I’m talking about!

The Sweeter life, in Madison, is a great stop after heading to the state park for a hike. Super cute and she’s not shy with the icing!! Another Favorite in Madison is The Red Roaster Coffee and Eatery... great cup of coffee.

Thai Connection, Columbus. You know what I love about this place. In addition to consistently delicious food, the owner is one of the sweetest people. Some of our favorite things on the menu are the pineapple entre and the Kao Pad. Do you see those shrimp Rangoon in the back, now that is a shrimp Rangoon. Life changing. Her fried blueberry ice cream is also a treat!

Esushi, Columbus. If you are a sushi connoisseur, and you inhabit Indiana, then finding good sushi can be a bit difficult. This place, this group of people that seem to be a little family, come together to make some of the best sushi.

The Cake Bake Shop in Indianapolis is like wandering into ELAN’s in London… The owner has great taste in décor, It’s like walking into a dream. Great for a date, for a girly get together, to celebrate an occasion…really anytime you want to feel pampered. The ladies (and gentleman) that met me there LOVED it. Did I mention there is gold fairy dust on the coffees and sweets?

Indiana Smokehouse, in Columbus. This is the place you go for that slow roasted bbq, those brunt bits, that comfort food that still has some class in its blackberry bbq sauce…and its sugar cream pie. This guy knows his BBQ, always a pleasure to stop by.

Birds Nest Cafe, Nasville. I found this little café on a trip to Nashville, Indiana. The menu is unusual in a very tasty way and the coffee, very good!

Lucabe’s, Columbus. A great place to meet a friend for a cuppa. The menu is short and the lines long… but worth the wait, Its a nice cup of coffee.


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