Coffee Art, Saint Germain en Laye

When coming to France my French friends told me “Be ready for paper work” among other things…. They were not kidding. To validate my Visa is really a story in itself and will be in my book that should be out next year sometime…of course pending the ‘paperwork’ associated with it.

On this particular day, we headed to Saint Germain en Laye to the Prefector with our paperwork only to find that we needed more documents and were in fact not at the correct Prefector… gotta love it.

In need of coffee we parked by the beautiful castle located in the downtown area and walked to this place…

The girl behind the counter was pleasant and in making my coffee relayed to us that the shop would be closing at the end of the month as the owners would like to return to their home country. So intriguing, we talked with her for awhile and checked out the upstairs and main floor layout together. She had such a passion for coffee and wanted to buy the place herself…

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