It’s London Baby…

One of my FAVORITE cities. Love walking the parks and tucking down streets to find great shops! Its alive and beautiful and charming, all in one.

This time around we put in a good 15miles a day or more exploring the areas around Hyde Park and Regents Park.

Here were a few restaurants we enjoyed. All for different reasons. The list is already filling up for our next trip over… Not pictured is the restaurant Front Line. Amazing restaurant and cool spot for photographers and journalists to gather and talk about world events. Topics are listed regularly.

Elan Café. If you’re looking for enchanting, this is where to find it. It had just started to rain slightly and we ducked in here to have a coffee and sweet. Love the addition of blankets with the chairs.

Cork & Bottle, Paddington. This was a great find. We had actually meant to find an Indian restaurant but ditched the idea after we reached it, for so many reasons. This little gem fell in our lap as we walked on and so happy it did.

Sun in Splendor, Notting Hill. Loved wandering around Notting Hill. A big thank you to #themunchbrunchkids for a few suggestions along the way! We ended up eating at the great little bar and it seriously doesn’t get any better than what you see below…except that you can’t see what’s in the pie. Can I just take a moment and talk about how I love parsnips…such a great flavor add in in this dish.

Jardin du Jasmin, Regents Park area. You know that feeling when you see something really pretty for the first time and you just stop and look at it. That was here. The shop is beautiful and the craftmanship of their presentation is beautiful…

Kahve Dunyasi. If I lived here, I’d buy things from here pretty regulary for get-togethers and teas. Their chocolates and cakes are definitely well made. Their cappuccino, stellar…

The Pickled Hen. While I have room service shown here. The restaurant itself has a great weekday lunch or afternoon coffee sort of vibe. This might be one of those meals I forever remember. There were so many wonderful flavor combinations going on. It was an anything but ordinary meal. Just the honeycomb clusters in that brownie make me sigh…

Coming back soon!!



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