Paris in Spring Painting

I had a blast painting this picture. Inspired by my mood at the moment which is Feeling Fantastic and the book Lunch in Paris, A Love Story with Recipes written by Elizabeth Bard… I wanted to depict the idea of a vibrantly colored city block with pleasant park across the street. To show the sumbtile life of the city in the shop and cafe choices on the ground level and of the glimpse of life going on behind the curtains at various levels. If you look closely you’ll see a few scenarios in the windows…and finally the idea of the modern city continuing through the small charming passageway which immitates the idea of Paris in its old meets new deisgn throughout the city. The two Magnolia style trees in the garden are quentasenital to a spring in paris and bring about this femanine beautiy and glamor to a city that already encompasses this.

Whats more, now we actually live in Paris and Mrs. Bard has started her own artisanal ice cream shop in the little streets near Sacre Coeur. The name, Scaramouche_glaces. Check it out and tell her I sent you 😉

Interested in the book? Check her out here:

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