Colorado Coffee Stops

Love Colorado. One of my top Five Fav’s! So when we are able to get out to Montrose and see family, we do. Such a great little town and the views of the Rockies are incredible. We drove by Ralph Laurens ranch on our way to Telluride on day and my father figure was grumbling that Ralph had bought the place where he himself had liked to go out and ski. Now it sat fenced off and thwarted with a sign annoucing Ralphs ranch. Such a pretty property, with a backdrop you would think typical of Ralph.

We drove from Denver to Montrose and found so many little treasures along the way, as usual.

The week brought great times. We whitewater rafted, we paddle boarded. We explored forests, and little stores and of course coffee shops. All the while enjoying those beautiful Rocky Mountains from so many different angles.

Here are a few favorites from or trip out this time!


Great breakfast in Denver. Colorful, friendly and nice menu…

The Vine Market and Bistro

Nestled on a quiet street in Montrose, Colorado, is this power house of a café. I mean, this is the food you drive out of your way for. That you make plans for. I still remember our lunch. Sadly, no pictures taken of lunch. Just check out their website though. Completely worth the trip.

Sticky Fingers Café & Bakery

This beautiful little gem came to us because of a bathroom break! In the little town of Minturn, Colorado, up in the Rocky Mountains, sits this wonderful little place. Absolutley adorable décor and the food and coffee were delightful.

The Looney Bean

This was a great stop for coffee where you could really sit for awhile if you’d like. In Montrose, Colorado. We enjoyed hanging out by the unlit fire (it was 95 out) and chatting while we sipped and munched.

Deja Brew

This tiny little coffee stop had so much to it when you walked in the door. Thoughtfully decorated. quirky in a delightful way and the coffee great!


This was a young and trendy style place but still Colorado chill going on. Loved that it was located very close to the Denver Zoo.

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