A Day around Sacre Coeur

My Take on it…

  • Take the opportunity while visiting this area to really use the staircases! They are all over and seem to go to the moon (or hell, which ever way your going). Its a great way to shed some of the extra croissants you’ve been nibbling…
  • Speaking of food! There are a few great breakfast places in the area. One of my favorite being ‘Hardware societie’ located just to the rightside of the Sacre Coeur (check it out on Instagram…it will not disappoint)
  • As far as the monument is concerned…Go straight up the stairs and KEEP going, after you take a peek inside go down the stairs at the left of the church and you see the opportunity to pay to go to the very top. Cool? Yeah cool! There will be more stairs, yeah!!
  • like fabric and sewing? Towards the bottom of the monument there is a whole area of fabric and ‘doodad’ stores for making clothes or reupholstering your fav chair or making drapes. When you find something you like, get the attention of one of the sales people and they will cut it for you. In some of the bigger stores you pay for what you want on the particular floor you are on.
  • not into sewing, no prob. After the Sacre Coeur if you walk out the back and then head to the left you’ll find yourself in winding little streets that have things to buy, cafes, and then this cool little square that starts filling up in the morning (around 10am) with local artists. Lots of different styles. You can continue on and find yourself at the restaurant la Maison Rose, its a pretty popular restaurant and makes a great picture.
  • Side note, Hardware societie is in fact the best coffee near the Sacre Coeur, but if you are in despreate need of another, there is a Starbucks right off the artists square. Yes, I know, but in the back there is a little room with exposed stone and wooden beams and a live edge table which makes it charming and ding ding ding Bathrooms.



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