When life throws you out of the restaurant…


I was at Cafe Marlette the day before France was put in Quarantine, enjoying a bacon et oeuf tartine. To a person that literally eats out almost every day, the past few weeks have been a Foodie challenge. Its not that I can’t cook, I love it! I live in Paris, a literal food Mecca…no need to cook.

The foodie effect:

I’m going between COMFORT food and ‘Keep us healthy’ style food.

This Weeks Favorite:

Healthy Toast’

One of those morning toast concoctions that has turned into a staple in our home…


Fig confiture

Roasted garlic

Sautéed onion

Thyme, Rosemary, Oregano

Crumbled Brebis (or Feta)

Fig reduction vinegar (optional)

Super easy… Roast the garlic , sautee the onion, sprinkle in the herbs. Toast the toast, spread the jam, Put the roasted garlic pieces in the pan with the onion and stir. place onion mixture on toast add crumbled Brebis and top with a little Fig reduction… Tasty!

Side note: to roast garlic, just cut the pointy side off about 1/4 inch, put on a piece of aluminum foil with cut side up,, drizzle with olive oil, fold up the sides and top and place in a 375 F oven for around 30 minutes. It should comes out super soft and warm. you can add what you want to the onion mixture and then use the rest for something else. I usually make 2 so I have extra 🙂

How to cope with so much free time…

Insert evil laugh here! Any person that is staying home with their family knows that there is never a dull moment!

Things that have helped us in bringing order to a new way of living

  • create a basic timeline of how the day should go
  • keep normalcy like showering getting dressed each day
  • Make a meal plan for the week
  • Have the kids daily assignments in a place that everyone can see and you can mark off as they get done
  • Have running list of fun, interesting, physical, or educational things handy to do together when the work is done (or during lunch break.
  • Everyone is responsible to help in day to day pickup, cleanup and meal prep.
  • Schedule in ‘Me time’ because you absolutely matter.

our Creative outlets this past week!

  • We took a long roll of white paper and created a “Learning Tree”. We will add paper leaves to it with the books we read in the next few weeks
  • We made Crepes, using Julia Child’s recipe (my favorite) pg 190
  • MINI MUG CAKES! What better way to ration out baking sweets than to make little bity mug cakes. Good for the sole, good for the waist, good for the cupboard.

A few other worthy notes of the week:

  • A pasta with a light cream sauce, truffles and truffle encrusted sausage
  • Roasted potatoes with sautéed onions, Feta and roasted garlic with green beans
  • Beef Bourguignon… A Family Favorite

send photos of your fav grilled cheese Style!

I’ll be posting them

See you soon…

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  1. Echo Sulaiman

    Aww. This is absolutely terrific. I love that you’re sharing 🙂 Reading through gave me such a happy thrill. Looking forward to more.


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