A little project that is perfect for a fall table…along with some simple instructions to make it. Enjoy!

Supply List:

So, What kind of things are special to you in the fall? You can use so many things for this craft. I’ll put a few pictures up of the things I’ve used just to help you get started.

  • A pumpkin (could use another style gourd as well)
  • Moss
  • ribbon
  • cord
  • glitter
  • little pinecones (go on a walk to find these)
  • acorns (go on a walk to find these as well)
  • cinnamon sticks (grocery store)
  • little decorations (I chose) mini glass pumpkins, mushrooms. But you could do: Mini indian corn, coffee cups, mini painted sign, bird house, etc. the sky is the limit. Do what you love.
  • glue gun

Getting started

First make a cup of your favorite drink, whatever that might be (no judgement), put on some music or a favorite show. Then relax and have fun.

  • Wash and dry your pumpkin
  • figure out how you’d like the moss to look on top
  • After the glue gun is heated up, use it to glue down the moss on top of the pumpkin. I left a little hole in the center to allow for tucking the pinecones in.
  • Speaking of pinecones, lets get those situated now. Again, try a few positions out and when you like it, glue it.
  • I next decided to wrap a little ribbon around the base of my moss. You don’t have to glue the ENTIRE thing. Use the hot glue gun in little spots along the way, letting the ribbon bunch up or turn in ways that you like, then glue it. I decided to take the ribbon into the top area as well and through the pine cones. Personal choice.
  • I took a few cinnamon sticks and crossed them (gluing in the middle. Then put an acorn from our yard as the center. Next I wrapped a little brown cord around the sides for an additional touch (glue as you go people). Afterwards gluing the little ornament directly onto the pumpkin.
  • Pick out those cute little add-ins now and see where you’d like to put them. I placed a small glass pumpkin by one of the pinecones and then placed a few cute mushrooms on my forest floor.
  • Finally, drizzle some glue on the pinecones and bits of the moss and sprinkled white glitter on for a bit of fun.
  • Fun and Done, this little project took me about 45 minutes and I had a blast listening to the Polar Express in the background while I constructed it.

Send me pictures of your pumpkins and I’ll post them! I’d Love to see what you’ve come up with!Cheerfully,



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