Take a few things from around the house and make a table decoration you can be proud of!

First things first

  • Cup of coffee, snack and a a slip of paper
  • Decide on your base (take into account if you will have live plants… you’ll want something that wont leak onto your table)
  • Gather your supplies.

What you Need:

  • A Base
  • Pine cones of different size and shapes
  • small squash (whatever you like)
  • 3 tiny plants (little ferns or succulents could be a cute option)
  • 3 tiny plant holders
  • Large Candles (and holders, depending on your base holder)
  • small candle holders
  • yarn of choice
  • little glass yogurt or apple sauce jars
  • glue
  • tealights
  • a few small branches of an evergreen tree
A little video of the prep…

Lets Get Started!

Christmas music on? Drink filled? All your supplies in front of you? Check. Lets do this!

First Lay out some of your pinecones. Spread them evenly throughout your base.

Now put those cute little plants in their little plant holders and space them out. I put the two farthest on the same side and the one in the middle on the opposite side.

Now, It looks like a lot has happened… But actually, What is going on is; I’ve placed my two little squashes in different areas of the base. Then snipped several parts of the evergreen branches and tucked them gently into the crevice’s. I put them under pinecones, between the different elements. Layer them if you feel like it. Look at it from several angles to see if it ‘feels right’.

The Tea light’s: Lets take a minute and talk about these little tealight holders. In the supplies list I mentioned: yarn, glue, little glass jars. I use the Bonne Maman jars from the grocery store that have fruit compote in them. They work perfectly. This is literally a 5 minute fun and done craft. I love making these! Take the clean jar. Put glue on the outside. wrap your yarn around it (I use chunky yarn), starting at the top and winding it down to the bottom. snip, clip and done! you can place in the centerpiece and let it dry there while your decorating. Or you can do it the night before. Either works.


You did it and I’m sure it looks amazing! Feel free to send me pictures of your centerpieces! I’d love to show them off.



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