International Women’s Day Exhibit

Electronic Version of International Woman
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We are one

This piece of art was made to celebrate International Women’s Day. Taking flags from the world and with the use of a gray variant, bringing forth the silhouette of a woman. Bringing the notion that as women, we are one.


Calie Amini

When asked to be part of this art show, My first thought was “I’m not an International Woman?”.  But, the reality is, that I am.

Meant to Encourage, Empower, and on this day and this specific occasion, to learn about different cultures (through art) in an open, encouraging and nonjudgmental way. What a positive success it was!

The space was filled with the hum of energy. Hundreds of women, talking, interacting and the buzz of different languages as you passed from one area to another.

Hearing english being spoken with beautiful accents. Seeing women from different countries experiencing art meant to encompass a culture or create unity.

When we stand up and recognize the thoughts, cultural ideas and norms of another society we foster unity and understanding, making us All International women.

Calie Amini

The Fashion Show, showcasing one of the participants clothing line and the wonderful attention to detail even in arranging a diverse group of models from Morocco, Africa, America, Ireland, and France….


The speakers that attended were two professional women from different countries with similar job titles. They spoke of how their career paths have been different and their idea of success different as well. One thing in particular hit me very personally, and by the response of the crowd I believe this was a common feeling.

One of the ladies looked out at the crowd and said something like (and I will paraphrase):

                     “You know, for me, traveling around the world with work is exciting and on some level easy. My job provides coworkers and people to interact with during and after work. For many of you in the audience today, you are women with degrees of your own, who have sacrificed your own careers and followed your husband’s to another country. I believe for the spouse that is unable to work, the ability to get out, understand and interact with the community around you is much more difficult. There are not the defined parameters of work to help”.

For this, the crowd clapped in its truth. Many of us, myself included, understood that to move your daily life into a foreign land can be difficult, overwhelming and lonely at times, no matter the persons origins, and it was nice to have this acknowledged.

We are one

My series of paintings of women using various skin tones in an effort to show the differences and yet the similarities in us all


We Are One Series

Over all great experience. So happy to be invited and included in this positive affirmation in my fellow women.

Happy INternational women’s day 2021

Looking forward to having exhibits again next year.



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