Paris Speciality Coffee Stops (so Far)

In many towns around the world there are only a few ‘go to’ coffee shops. But here, its just a matter of knowing where to go. Because there’s coffee and then there’s coffee. Moving to Paris has given me this unique opportunity to be able to try many coffee shops and find some great specialty coffee along the way. Enjoy, and let me know if you’ve found another that I can try out and add to the list!

Season’s, Paris

The avocado toast was delicious. artfully displayed on a wooden board and the coffee deep and perfectly foamy. My lunch date commented on how delicious the lemonade was. We really enjoyed the southern California vibe going on. We like the whole neighborhood! Seemed very Paris meets New York, lots of little specialty cafes, hip feel, and a sliver of a park with a nice water feature. Great place to relax and enjoy the gorgeous weather!

Cafe Oberkampf

I had heard about the coffee and the delicious Banana Bread, so we headed to Oberkampf to check it out. When we arrived I was unsure, there was a wait and we were hungry. We almost decided to try Cafe Fufu down the street, but my sidekick insisted that since we’d made the effort that we should really stick with it. Personally, I think it was just the thought of warm Banana bread alluring him. no matter, we stayed and I’m so glad we did! Is this a beautiful place? No. Will I go back? Absolutley! A place to go for smooth craft coffee and “melt in your mouth” banana bread. No frills, just good. The grilled cheese with chili jam was mouth watering. Totally worth it.

Cappuccino Cafe Oberkampf


Down a small little street near the Palais Royal is this delightful little niche. The coffee is absolutley amazing. deep and soulful. This is not a busy street and it was a total accidental surprise. But a good one. Warm, simple decor and a very simple menu of sweets to go with your coffee choice. But wow, the coffee is a win!

Treize Bakery

Country charm in its menu and atmosphere. The waitstaff speak so many languages but the overall message is “relax while you’re here”. The theme throughout reminds me of the Southern Charm of the United States. Many of the menu items take you there as well. Cool point, You can actually walk in the back and see them preparing everything from scratch. Bonus: there is a great French-English book store a few doors down…

This area is so alive. The gardens themselves are a delightful mélange of picnic area, sport, pony rides, restaurants, and puppet shows… I love the idea of taking a book and sunning myself on one of the many chairs near the water. Awe yes, and near the water you can rent little toy boats to sail across the pond. There are several little cafes and shops to go into on the outside perimeter of the gardens.

Gramme Paris

This little gem is located down the street from Season’s cafe (which is good if one is full and the other is having a lull). A open airy but small coffee shop with Smooth craft coffee.


My husband is just as much a foodie as me, although I doubt he would admit it. We had the a little date here during a sunny afternoon. We had just stopped for a coffee, but when we say the menu we just couldn’t help ourselves. These two make artful food and craft coffee. Maybe one of my favorite stops. The homemade crumpets with the beautifully dressed tops are a pleasure to look at and eat. the shop is small and easy to pass. But sitting in it with a coffee and looking out, the world can do what it wants. I’ll just sit and relax.

Claus, Paris

We found this charming little café near Chatelet les Halles on a small side street. Loved the window seat and wow, the Baked Apple Pancake was worth the wait… While I wouldn’t call their coffee, specialty, I would go back for breakfast. Headed to the Louvre afterward to see the paper installation done by JR …sadly, when we arrived most of it had been torn apart.


So, The plan was for my French class to all meet up by the Grand Opera and then have a little tour together with our beloved teacher, Vanessa. With people from 8 different countries, communication is pretty difficult, already. Trying our best at French, we walked around discovering things together. It will forever be a nice memory. One of the highlights was walking down the Passage Choiseul. Vanessa took us to many ‘Passages’, which are basically little inside streets with shops and a roof to let the light in. They are old and charming. In this one, we stopped at a unique looking shop window and watched this woman making what looked like dough and then winding it around something a small roller. We were all intrigued. It turned out to be this unique coffee shop that had just opened for the first time a few hours before. We gladly came in and enjoyed CRAFT coffee and the cool bread they will become famous for…On a side note, there is quiet a large open space upstairs to go up and chill for a lunch as well. I’ve been back a few times to do just this 😉

Baguett’s Cafe

Loving this find! We were actually at the Aveda Montecino Salon and decided to walk around and find a little coffee stop afterwards. Somehow we found ourselves here. A Speciality Coffee for me and for my partner in crime, a delicious hot chocolate in a fat glass mason jar with a handle. The sort of place to go and sit for a few minutes. Both the coffee and Hot chocolate were go back worthy.

Pico Honore

I love being able to just walk around and be able to find new stuff! The owners of this shop were sooooo new and yet you felt the passion for perfection in both their coffee and their cake! Bonus, loved the little upstairs area! It was loft style with a mirrored wall and sitting your able to look down into the shop below. Perfect spot to host a little afternoon meet up with a few friends or even a little party. I’ll need to go back soon and see how they’re doing…

Hardware Societe

I don’t remember how I found this little beauty. I think it had something to do with going fabric shopping and looking for coffee afterwards. I’ve been back several times as I write this. I don’t care that it takes a bit to get there, its worth it. The menu is pretty ‘extra’, which is exactly what I like. Everything has been delicious; the duck confit, the sardines crisp and in the most delicious sauce, egg sandwiches with thick slices of bacon and fresh pesto, the thick custardy French toast with whip cream and fresh berries and the coffee. The coffee is exactly what a craft coffee addict is searching for.

I’ll add more as I go…and repost every now and then 🙂



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